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avatar for Christopher Spalding

Christopher Spalding

EBSCO Information Services
VP, Product
avatar for Rebecca	Miller

Rebecca Miller

UC Berkeley
DET/CHE President & Assistant Dean, Administration
avatar for Vickie Albrecht

Vickie Albrecht

University of Manitoba Libraries
Acting Head, Sciences Division
avatar for Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander

Bryan Alexander Consulting, LLC
avatar for Laurie Alexander

Laurie Alexander

University of Michigan
Associate University Librarian for Learning and Teaching

Rizwan Ali

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Director, National Security Research Center
avatar for Ryan Amy

Ryan Amy

Brigham Young University
IT Director
avatar for Dale Askey

Dale Askey

University of Alberta
Vice Provost and Chief Librarian

David Baird

Wesleyan University
Vice President for Information Technology & Chief Information...
avatar for Donald Barclay

Donald Barclay

University of California, Merced
Deputy University Librarian
avatar for Charlie Barlow

Charlie Barlow

Boston Library Consortium
Executive Director

Paul Bergen

Tufts University
Direct, Educational Technology and Learning Spaces

Steven Bischof

Five Colleges Inc

Tamir Borensztajn

EBSCO Information Services
Vice President SaaS & Open Strategy
avatar for Tamir Borensztajn

Tamir Borensztajn

EBSCO Information Services
VP, SaaS Strategy
avatar for Christine Borgman

Christine Borgman

avatar for Karim Boughida

Karim Boughida

Dean, Universities Libraries
avatar for Donna Bourne-Tyson

Donna Bourne-Tyson

Dalhousie University
Dean of Libraries

Lois Brooks

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vice Provost for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
avatar for Marta Brunner

Marta Brunner

Skidmore College
College Librarian
avatar for Diane Bruxvoort

Diane Bruxvoort

University of North Texas
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Amy Buckland

Amy Buckland

University of Guelph
Head, Research & Scholarship
avatar for Laura Burtle

Laura Burtle

Georgia State University
Associate Dean, University Library

Theresa Byrd

University of San Diego
Dean of the University Library
avatar for Carolyn Caizzi

Carolyn Caizzi

Northwestern University
Head of Repository and Digital Curation
avatar for Mimi Calter

Mimi Calter

Stanford Libraries
Deputy University Librarian

Emily Campbell

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Director of Document Delivery
avatar for Janet Carleton

Janet Carleton

Ohio University Libraries
Digital Initiatives Coordinator
avatar for David Carlson

David Carlson

Texas A&M University
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Chris Carter

Chris Carter

University of Texas at Austin
Director of Organizational Effectiveness

Daniel Chamberlain

Associate Dean of Libraries, Research + Digital Strategies
avatar for Suzanne Chase

Suzanne Chase

Georgetown University Library
Head, Digital Scholarship and Technology Services
avatar for Yinlin Chen

Yinlin Chen

Virginia Tech
Digital Library Architect
avatar for Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen

Northeastern University
Vice Provost/Dean of the Library/Professor of History
avatar for Greg Colati

Greg Colati

University of Connecticut
Director, Connecticut Digital Archive
avatar for Scott Collard

Scott Collard

New York University
Associate Dean for Research & Research Services
avatar for Michael Collura

Michael Collura

Kent State University Libraries
Assistant Dean for Technology & Branch Libraries
avatar for Constantia Constantinou

Constantia Constantinou

Library Director
avatar for Kyle K. Courtney

Kyle K. Courtney

Library Futures/Harvard University
Copyright Advisor
avatar for Wind Cowles

Wind Cowles

Princeton University
Director of Data, Research, and Teaching Services
avatar for Angelo Cruz

Angelo Cruz

Coalition for Networked Information
Systems Coordinator
avatar for Stephen Cunetto

Stephen Cunetto

Mississippi State University Libraries
Associate Dean
avatar for Christopher Cyr

Christopher Cyr

Associate Research Scientist
avatar for Christopher Cyr

Christopher Cyr

Associate Research Scientist

Jessica Davila

University of Oklahoma
Director of Digital Strategies and Scholarship
avatar for Greg Davis

Greg Davis

Iowa State University
Assistant Director of Assessment and Planning
avatar for Annette Day

Annette Day

University of Nevada, Las Vegas Libraries
Div Director, Collections/Acquisitions/Discovery
avatar for Anne-Marie Deitering

Anne-Marie Deitering

Oregon State University Libraries and Press
Associate University Librarian
avatar for Derek Devnich

Derek Devnich

University of California, Merced
Director, Center for Data Services
avatar for Todd Digby

Todd Digby

University of Florida
Chair of Library Technology Services

Nora Dimmock

Brown University
Deputy University Librarian

Abigail DiPaolo

Rutgers University Libraries
Executive Director if Administration and Technology

Joanna DiPasquale

Union College
Director of Content & Digital Library Systems
avatar for Daniel Dollar

Daniel Dollar

Yale University
AUL for Scholarly Resources

Jim Dooley

University of California, Merced
Head, Collection Services
avatar for Christina Drummond

Christina Drummond

Educopia Institute
Data Trust Program Officer

Craig Van Dyck

Senior Advisor
avatar for Charles Eckman

Charles Eckman

University of Miami
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Erin L. Ellis

Erin L. Ellis

Association of College & Research Libraries
Associate Dean, Research & Learning Services
avatar for Mark Emmons

Mark Emmons

University of New Mexico
Associate Dean
avatar for Jacqueline Eudell

Jacqueline Eudell

Coalition for Networked Information
Office Manager
avatar for Gwen Evans

Gwen Evans

Elsevier, Inc.
VP Global Library Relations

Jodi Reeves Eyre

Program Officer
avatar for Sharon Farnel

Sharon Farnel

University of Alberta Library
Head, Metadata Strategies
avatar for Maggie Farrell

Maggie Farrell

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Dean of Libraries
avatar for Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

Michigan State University
Director of Digital Humanities and Professor of English
avatar for Carrie Forbes

Carrie Forbes

University of Denver
Associate Dean
avatar for Chris Freeland

Chris Freeland

Internet Archive
Director of Open Libraries
avatar for Amie Freeman

Amie Freeman

University of South Carolina
Scholarly Communication Librarian
avatar for Rachel Frick

Rachel Frick

OCLC, Inc.
Executive Director, OCLC Research
avatar for Tara Lynn Fulton

Tara Lynn Fulton

Dean of the Library
avatar for Michelle Gallinger

Michelle Gallinger

Council of State Archivists
Principal Investigator
avatar for Jimmy Ghaphery

Jimmy Ghaphery

Virginia Commonwealth University
Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Communications and...
avatar for Diane Goldenberg-Hart

Diane Goldenberg-Hart

Coalition for Networked Information
Assistant Director

Kenton Good

University of Alberta Library
Head, Digital Preservation Services
avatar for Emily  Gore

Emily Gore

University of Tennessee
Assistant Dean
avatar for Harriett Green

Harriett Green

Washington University in St. Louis
Associate University Librarian
avatar for Josh Greenberg

Josh Greenberg

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Program Director

Chris Greer

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Director, Smart Grid & Cyber Physical Systems Program
avatar for Arran Griffith

Arran Griffith

LYRASIS - Fedora Program
Program Coordinator
avatar for Clem Guthro

Clem Guthro

University of Hawai'i at Manoa
University Librarian

Mike Hagedon

University of Arizona Libraries
Team Lead for Software and Web Development

Kat Hagedorn

University of Michigan Library
Head, Digital Content & Collections

Susan Haigh

Canadian Association of Research Libraries
Executive Director
avatar for Catherine Hamer

Catherine Hamer

University of Texas at Austin
Director of Academic Engagement
avatar for Scott Hanrath

Scott Hanrath

University of Kansas
Interim Co-Dean
avatar for Geoffrey Harder

Geoffrey Harder

University of Alberta
Associate University Librarian & Administrative Director, Digital...
avatar for Mandy Havert

Mandy Havert

Hesburgh Libraries University of Notre Dame
Digital Research and Outreach Librarian

Donna Hayward

University of Michigan Library
Executive Associate Director
avatar for Heather Heckman

Heather Heckman

University of South Carolina
Associate Dean for Technology
avatar for Margaret Heller

Margaret Heller

Loyola University Chicago
Digital Services Librarian

Geneva Henry

George Washington University
Dean of Libraries and Academic Innovation

Denise Hersey

University of Vermont
Director, Dana Medical Library
avatar for Bruce Heterick

Bruce Heterick

SVP, Open Collections & Infrastructure
avatar for Erla Heyns

Erla Heyns

Purdue University Libraries and School of INformaiton Studies
Associate Dean for Learning
avatar for Robert Hilliker

Robert Hilliker

Rowan University
Associate Provost, Director of Research Engagement & Scholarship
avatar for Alison Hitchens

Alison Hitchens

University of Waterloo
Associate University Librarian, Collections, Technology, Scholarly...
avatar for Starr Hoffman

Starr Hoffman

University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Director, Planning & Assessment
avatar for Luling Huang

Luling Huang

Carnegie Mellon University
CLIR Postdoctoral Fellow

Janet Hulm

Assistant dean for collections/Interim dean
avatar for Christie Hurrell

Christie Hurrell

University of Calgary
avatar for Megan Hurst

Megan Hurst

Chief Experience Officer
avatar for Jill Hurst-Wahl

Jill Hurst-Wahl

Syracuse Univ. iSchool
Associate Professor of Practice

Corrie Hutchinson

University of Missouri
Associate University Librarian
avatar for Heidi Imker

Heidi Imker

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Director, Research Data Service

Deborah Jakubs

Duke University Libraries
Vice Provost and University Librarian

Holly Jeffcoat

Southern Methodist University
Dean, SMU Libraries

Andrew Johnson

University of Colorado Boulder
Lead, Data and Scholarly Communication Services
avatar for Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

The University of Texas at San Antonio
Scholarly Communication Librarian
avatar for Carrie Johnston

Carrie Johnston

Wake Forest University
Digital Humanities Research Designer
avatar for Lisa Johnston

Lisa Johnston

University of Minnesota
Data Management/Curation Lead
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