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avatar for Donald Waters

Donald Waters

Coalition for Networked Information
CNI Senior Scholar
Monday, March 15

9:00am EDT

A Collaborative Approach to Preserving At-Risk Open Access Journals Pre-recorded VideoDominic Mitchell All Aboard: Bringing the Community Forward to Fedora 6.0 Pre-recorded VideoArran Griffith • David Wilcox Crossroads of Tech, Research & Learning: Models for IT & Library Collaborations Pre-recorded VideoH. Austin Booth • Megan Hurst • Aisha Jackson • Christine Madsen • Robert McDonald Email Archives: Building Capacity and Community Pre-recorded VideoMatthew Connelly • Michelle Gallinger • Ruby Lorraine Martinez • Gregory Wiedeman Feeding Hungry Researchers: A Library Ecosystem for Social Media Data Pre-recorded VideoDaniel Kerchner • Laura Wrubel Implementing Controlled Digital Lending as a Core Library Service Pre-recorded VideoStephen Davison • Michael Hucka Local Partnership for the Greater Good: Library Publishing at University of Minnesota Pre-recorded VideoEmma Molls • Shane Nackerud Looking at the Future of Academic Research Budgets with an Emphasis on Research Support and Enablement Pre-recorded VideoJane Radecki • Roger Schonfeld Navigating Risk in Post-Custodial Digitization Pre-recorded VideoRyan Lee • Lindsey Memory Project Update for Celebrating Cuba! Collaborative Collections of Cuban Patrimony Pre-recorded VideoTodd Digby • Judith Russell • Laurie Taylor Snapshots of Efforts Toward Institutionalizing Digital Scholarship within a Library Organization Pre-recorded VideoLeigh Bonds • Meris Mandernach Longmeier • Daniel Noonan Supporting Multidisciplinary International Research through Collaborative Development Pre-recorded VideoRachel Di Cresce • Jessica Lockhart Taking Control Using Academic SimplyE: Our Journey to an Open Reading Landscape Pre-recorded VideoRobert Cartolano • James English • Nancy Lin • Christine Peterson The BIG Collection: Building a Knowledge Commons for the Big Ten Pre-recorded VideoMaurice York The New Enlightenment and the Fight to Free Knowledge Pre-recorded VideoPeter Kaufman The Open Access eBook Usage Data Trust: A Global OA Monograph Data Collaborative to Facilitate Economies of Scale for Scholarly Output Usage, Engagement, and Impact Analysis Pre-recorded VideoChristina Drummond

2:30pm EDT

Tuesday, March 16

1:00pm EDT

2:30pm EDT

Wednesday, March 17

4:00pm EDT

Wednesday, March 24

12:00pm EDT

1:30pm EDT

3:00pm EDT

Thursday, March 25

3:30pm EDT

Friday, March 26

1:30pm EDT

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